Valor Academy

a school where every student is encouraged to do and be their best every day, in both academics and personal character.

Imagine a classroom where every day students are given a clean slate and another opportunity to be and do their best regardless of what happened the day before.

Imagine an educational environment where students are free
from the pressures of cliques and other social stressors that interfere with learning.

Imagine a school where the staff operate on the premise that each student can master the art of learning when given adequate support and permitted to work at the pace and level appropriate for her individual needs and abilities.

Imagine a school day where students do enough academic work during school hours that there is no need for homework!

If you can image this, this is how Valor Academy is structured. We believe the greatest task in education is to teach students how to learn, and that learning is best achieved in a caring community environment. The culture of the Valor community is created from the Judeo-Christian ethos which hinges on the golden rule: do unto others as you would have them to do unto you. We give students access to a highly specialized curriculum which focuses on mastering
the skills necessary for learning. As a result, our students are empowered to develop into the best possible version of themselves en route to positively impacting their world.

As a private non-chartered school in the state of Ohio we are not supported with tax dollars. Therefore we trust in the generosity of people like you to help in supporting these young people toward successful and productive futures that will add tremendous value to our communities, states, and great nation in which we all live.

Please consider partnering with us.

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